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A combination of hardware and software solutions allows you to reduce the payback period of your charging network.

company Presentation

Technology company, created for the commercialization of charging systems for electric vehicles. All innovations and developments for reliability, modularity and connectivity of components of charging systems, which allows you to meet market needs by combining individual units and components, Using the ease of network maintenance.

True modular.
Under any request
Choose your power in steps from 20 kW and easy scale it in the future. Module replacement within 10 minutes.

The entire hardware and software complex, as well as control units of the station built on a modular basis. You can increase the capacity of the station with a step of 20 kW, choosing exactly the power which you need at the moment. And in the future, increase it to the limit.

Reduced maintenance costs. Stations are designed to provide fast service during 10-20 minutes with one Phillips screwdriver.

Get rid of communication problems with electric vehicles. Proprietary control nodes will keep the station operational with new models of electric vehicles and receive the latest updating standards without delay.

Easy maintenance

All our stations are assembled as a constructor and serviced with one screwdriver.

Respond within
Unique station monitoring and control system
More than just OCPP 1.6 functionality

Real-time remote control and update

Over 120 station parameters monitoring

Data secure

Smart power management

The system allows you to monitor the status of the station by more than 120 parameters in real-time, remote control of part of the station nodes and update in real time.

The system is automatically tested, collecting data on the status of the most important station nodes. This allows you to instantly change the nodes of the station, having learned in advance which ones are out of order, which can significantly reduce service costs.

And several radically different service connections allow you to work independently of each other even if one of them is in error. All our stations support OCPP 1.6 and even more.

We are ready for OCPP 2.0 and already support 40% of its functionality.

Our goal is to reduce equipment downtime and avoid loss of your profit


We know in advance what problems need to be solved

Allows you to monitor the status of the station in real time, instantly change nodes stations, having learned in advance which ones were out of order, which can significantly reduce service costs. And several radically different service connections allow you to work independently of each other.


We find out the problems only after the departure of the brigade
For any environment
Power reservation makes the stations work when one or more power units are not working. Improved cooling system.


The station continues to operate at reduced power

Our technology allows you to multiply reduce the station downtime

The power of the station is divided into blocks. In case of failure of the 1st power unit, the station continues to work, which educes the chance station failure almost to 0


The station is idle until the brigade arrives

Works at

And all stations are required to service minimum amount of time per year.

Company developments

Station controller

Including control boards, telemetry, communication with an electric vehicle and external control systems. All control units are self-contained and can be assembled in a modular manner. The new version has increased the number and accuracy collected parameters from the station.

PLC module

Using a third-party PLC communication module doesn't achieve the best quality. So we developed our own. We make and control the internal logic of communication with electric cars by ourselves. It reduces the time to update the communication protocol with new models of electric vehicles. No more long communication problems with new models.

Body and improved cooling system

Each station is unique and designed by us. The construction is designed to have optimal power density, thermal, dimensional and safety parameters. Thanks to the well-thought-out cooling system and condition monitoring sensors, the station works without interruption every day.

High-speed overvoltage protection unit

Designed specifically for DC network with large voltage spikes. It's help to reduce failure probability of voltage converters.

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